We are thrilled that you’ve selected us as your copywriting & design service for your upcoming sales page.


We find its best to have things written down to set forth our mutual understanding of the terms and conditions of our service engagement.

You won’t find complicated legal terms in here as we’ve chosen to keep it simple. We want you to understand what you’re agreeing to so there are no regrets or misunderstandings later. That way, we can begin our work together with absolute clarity.

1. Scope of Work

In short:

  1. You are hiring us to write and design (1) pages of web copy for the estimated total price of $2,000 or $2,175, depending on your payment plan.
  2. We agree to deliver (1) one web page as follows:
    • (1) One Page of Sales Copy consisting of no less than 500 words and no more than 1400 words.
    • (1) One Fully Designed Web Page built to order.
  3. The aforementioned rate also includes (1) One Hour-Long Skype Call in preparation for the work.
  4. Timeline for this project will be 6 weeks from the Hour-Long Skype Call, exact dates dependent on when that call is scheduled.
  5. Writing

    Writing commences immediately following the phone or Skype call and first drafts of copy will be delivered within 7 days of the phone or Skype call.

    Drafts are uploaded to Google Drive as Docs and you will receive an email letting you know that the first draft is ready for your notes and comments. All comments for revisions are to be logged and addressed directly in the Google Doc.

    Once these first drafts are delivered, we will make 2 revisions, as required, within a 7-day window.

    You are expected to review and provide notes as expediently as possible to ensure your revisions meet your goals. We will not be accessible around the clock during the entire 7-day window. We will access and revise documents between 1 and 6 hours each day, as necessary and applicable. This means: you agree to be available for this project to review the work and provide feedback as much as possible during that time window.

  6. Design

    Design work commences upon delivery of final copy, or 14 days after the Skype Call.

    Design work will be subcontracted to Ffion Evans of KALEIDOSKOP Graphics & Webdesign and you will turn your communications over to her when the design phase begins.

    First proofs are delivered via email within 10 days. After the first design has been delivered, you will be allowed one FULL re-design if the first proof is not to your liking. IN this case, it is of the utmost importance to let us know immediately if you will be requesting redesign with detailed notes of what you'd like changed. It is your responsibility to effectively communicate to us, via email or within our project management system, what you want.

    We agree to provide 2 revisions to the design within the timeline for our project, which is 2 weeks following the design delivery.

  7. Revisions

    All Copy Drafts will be posted in Google Drive and all notes and correspondence must be received within the Google Doc as comments to be considered.

    You will use the comment feature to highlight areas of the copy you would like to note. Comment threads will stay live and active until properly revised, at which point it is your responsibility to resolve them. We agree to complete (2) two rounds of revisions.

    All Design proofs will be emailed directly to you and your notes must be received within the same email thread to be considered. We agree to complete (1) one full redesign if necessary and (2) two rounds of revisions.

  8. Deliverables

    Upon completion of writing, the copy will be delivered in both PDF and Word Docx formats to you for your files.

    Upon completion of design, your fully coded sales page will be delivered to you ready for installation.

  9. What is NOT included
  10. This service agreement does not include any naming of services, packages, products, courses, classes, job titles, or taglines, any additional design, promotional graphics, branding, web hosting or installation. This agreement also does not include any formatting of testimonials - you are expected to provide the copy and photography for any testimonials you'll want included. All additional services are separate and maybe added at an hourly rate of $100 per hour. For a la carte pricing, please contact us.

  11. If stock photos or other elements must be purchased during the work process, we agree to ask before proceeding and you agree to pay any such expenses incurred upon delivery.

2. Fees

In connection with the performance of services described above, you agree to pay the Company the following:

  1. A flat rate of $2,000 or $2,175 for (1) page of copy, (1) one hour-long call and (1) fully designed web page, depending on your payment plan.
  2. Any additional services requested during the length of our contract will be invoiced and billed upon completion. Payment in full is due within 7 days of completion and delivery.
  3. Late Payment Penalty. We reserve the right to impose an interest charge equal to 20% per month on any fees or invoiced reimbursable expenses that remain unpaid after 30 days.
    Until fees are paid in full, we retain the intellectual property rights to all of the material created for this project. You are prohibited from using and publishing the work provided if balances remain unpaid.

3. Client Duties

Prior to commencing the performance of services, you agree to first:

  1. Provide a completed questionnaire about your business 48 hours in advance of our Hour-Long Call. We will send this custom questionnaire with your initial documents. We do not begin writing or designing without the completed questionnaire. Therefore a delay in delivering the questionnaire will result in a delay with the project
  2. Provide any pre-existing design, fonts, logos, images or any other elements you wish to have included in your final design, as well as a style guide, if available. In addition, we ask you to provide a Pinterest board (http://www.pinterest.com) with reference images to inspire your ideal design. This helps us deliver a final product that is exactly what you're dreaming of.
  3. Provide any additional information we request in connection to the services throughout the entire length of this contract. We may email you or ask questions in the Google Doc comment threads and expect you to respond in a timely, professional manner.
  4. Be candid with us in our Hour-Long Phone or Skype Call. The intention is for us to walk away with a clear understanding of your voice, business message, goals and services. We may ask targeted questions in an effort to gain more clarity and depth. We expect you to participate and convey your vision to us, and to correct any articulations in the call that are not 100% aligned with what you’re going for.
  5. Immediately advise us of any changes to your operations or other information that may require a change in the scope or particulars of the services.

If you want to increase or decrease the scope of the services described above, or want to add additional services, we require that any such changes be mutually agreed to in writing and attached to this agreement as an addendum.

4. Cancellation/Rescheduling

We understand that sometimes, cancellations happen. In the event that you must reschedule our call or start date, we allow for one rescheduling without penalty and we ask that you advise us at least 7 days in advance.

If you must cancel our work together prior to our first call, we ask that you do so with 7 days notice. For calls cancelled with less than 7 days notice, we will charge a $100 cancellation fee for lost time. For calls cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, we will charge a cancellation fee of $200 for lost time.

We do not agree to any refunds after the Skype Call.

Cancellations after writing and design has been commenced are subject to the entire fee. You agree to pay the remaining balance if you cancel at any time after commencement of writing and design.

If you need to reschedule the work, we may be able to accommodate your request, but we do not guarantee our availability after the initial booking. The same cancellation fees apply to rescheduling, depending on when notice is given.

5. Confidentiality

All shared information in connection to the work and services of this contract is confidential.

Both parties agree to protect the privacy of each other’s business with regard to the terms and information shared for this agreement and project.

6. Independent Contractor Status

You understand that you are engaging us (Jamie Jensen and Ffion Evans) as independent contractors. This agreement is not intended to create any partnership, joint venture, coownership, agency, or employment relationship between us. Unless we specifically agree to, in writing, we will not act for you as your agent or make commitments for you or on your behalf.

7. Credits

Your website will, by default, contain within it a small area for site credits, generally, but not always, placed in the site footer. You agree to include “Copy and Design by Page-ama Party” with a link back to the Page-ama Party website (www.pageamaparty.com) for as long as you are using any part of the copy, code or design provided by us on your website.

You also agree that all work created may be used for the writer's and designer's portfolios.

8. Termination

This agreement will continue until completion of the services, unless terminated earlier by either party upon 7 days advance written notice. Should either party terminate this agreement prior to the end of the term, you will pay to us the unpaid portion of fees for services that were performed, plus all unpaid reimbursable expenses.

Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, if you intentionally or repeatedly do not abide by these terms, and the situation is not resolved within 10 days of receiving written notification from us, we reserve the right to end the project immediately.

9. Handling of Disputes

This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of NY. Any dispute that arises relating to this agreement shall be settled by arbitration in Queens, NY , in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, provided that discovery shall be governed by the civil procedure rules of NY or any successor statute, and judgment upon the award rendered may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. You agree to waive any objection to the jurisdiction of such venue.

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, with respect to the collection of past due monies that you owe to us in accordance with the terms of this letter agreement equal to or less than the jurisdictional limit for small claims court in NY, we shall be permitted, in our sole discretion, to bring a summary proceeding against you in such court and you agree to waive any objection to personal jurisdiction or venue, and any right to a trial before jury, in any proceeding in these courts. You agree to pay all costs and expenses, including but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees and court costs, for the collection and/or enforcement of any obligation under this agreement, whether or not a lawsuit or arbitration is commenced.

10. Entire Agreement, Modification, Waiver

This agreement shall only be amended upon the written approval of both parties. You are not permitted to assign your rights, duties, or obligations under this agreement to any other party without our prior written consent.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Company with respect to the performance of the services set forth above. This agreement supersedes any previous agreements between these parties relating to the performance of these services.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you.

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I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions