Because inner beauty matters in life, not in marketing.

Picture your Paypal after launching your premium package to overwhelming demand (and profit)…

Helloooo, big money!

That feeling? That's what I call "smooth selling."

It's what happens when your sales page is so fucking beautiful and perfectly written that no one can refuse your offer.
No one.

Not even that chick in your mastermind who swears she's sticking to her budget this month.

The only problem?

If you want to sell your product for a legit, premium price, your sales page better look (and sound) like a million bucks.

And all of this DIY-ing you've been doing so far with your business - isn't gonna cut it.

I mean, call us the mean girls of sales pages but the bottom line is this:

Appearances matter.

You're not woo-ing anyone into investing $197 or $295 (and especially not $999 and up) on a page that looks like a bad arts and crafts experiment and sounds like a kindergartener wrote it.

Sorry. (Not really though.)

Making things look and sound beautiful and expensive takes time and skills (that you don't have).

It's just not your forté.

We know...

... you've spent a lot of time growing your list and putting the "oomph" behind building the loyalty and interest of your peeps.

We know...

... you've been prepping and testing out this new offer until you've gotten it just right.

We know...

... you're a crazy intelligent creative powerhouse who can make shit (and amazing packages) happen.

You've worked hella fucking hard on this thing.

Which is exactly why you deserve a page that is utterly original, breathtakingly beautiful, ready for launch within 6 weeks of booking and will last for the lifetime of your product

All without lifting a finger to copy or design on your own.

You need a creative copywriter who can speak in your voice, to your people, and in a unique & entertaining way.

You need an internet artist with renegade range who can bring your design dreams to life with an original & bold style.

And you need it all in a regular, structured - "can I just hand this shit off to someone else and have it done for me?" - kind of way.

So you can go about your business and do what you do best.

And 6 weeks later, voilà!

Your sales page is rockin' and ready to bring in the bling.

Not to mention, YOU'RE…

  • totally ready to kick off this launch with grace and panache, because guess what? You're actually well rested and full of vim and vigor. (That's what happens when you outsource. It's magical…)
  • unbelievably excited, because you get to reveal your gorgeous new sales page to the world. Fancy? Yes, that's what they'll call you now. *wink*
  • pumped when you look at your Paypal filling up (cha-ching, cha-ching) since you spent with smarts on marketing, branding, and sales presentation - and damn, if it isn't paying off now!
  • gloating… just a little… because you know you look daaaaamn good on the internet (I mean, your business looks good… same thing!)

And the best part?

Aside from all of this success and primo pride in your sales page?

You didn't need to write a damn word of copy or design a single graphic… Not one.
All you have to do…

Is create.


And Sell.

We'll handle the presentation.

Just RSVP to our Page-ama Party.

The Page-ama Party is a fun (and profesh) sales page service that delivers killer copy and dynamic design in one easy-to-manage place.

No more worrying about booking copy and then design and then sending one to the other and waiting around for when people are avail and then it's 8 weeks later and still no sales page. This is the 6 week sales page from start to finish.

No joke.

AND who are we?

Ffion Evans

Ffion Evans is the die-hard yet delectable designer of Kaleidoskop Graphics and Webdesign. She's been designing websites since Pokémon was cool (yup) and owns more fonts than pairs of shoes. (It's true.) Ffion loves working with creatives, entrepreneurs, business punks + rule-breakers. When she's not crafting gorgeous goods on the interwebs, she enjoys drinking tea, using her black-belt in karate and drawing monsters for money.

Jamie Jensen

Jamie Jensen is the award-winning writer behind Your Hot Copy. She spent a decade slinging snappy dialogue + pitching plots for Hollywood screenplays before turning up the heat with web copy. Jamie helps other sexy solopreneurs upgrade their business communication by adding volume to their voice and sales to their stories. When she's not slaying sensational sales copy, you can find her cracking terrible jokes and making passes at strangers (guilty!). (Oh yea, she wrote and directed a movie too.)

Um, a couple of cool chicks you'd wanna have a page-ama party with, obviously!

We teamed up because we think YOU deserve sales pages that are both beautiful and deliciously convincing and YOU deserve to grab ‘em up in one place.

It's like a one stop sales shop for serious solo-preneurs who are sick of doing things alone. You just want a team to bring your dream to life. And that's exactly what we're here for!

Why are we qualified and why should you trust us?

Check out what our previous clients have to say!

Ffion is not only reliable and professional, she also is incredibly creative and so much fun to work with! She gave my ideas her unique twist, and the outcome was a beautiful new travel blog design! After our first successful project, I decided to let my business cards be designed by Ffion (they're gorgeous!) and am looking forward to working with Ffion again in the future! Thank you."

Ramona - "Life Coach and Travel Blogger" and

Ffion is super easy to communicate with and as soon as I contacted her, I knew I was in safe hands. She came up with a logo I would have NEVER been able to develop myself! I love it! It represents me, speaks to my people and is more artistic and beautiful than I originally expected. I can't wait to work with her again!

Audrey Holst – Uncommon Zen

I can't say enough great things about Ffion, I'm just blown away! The custom work that was done for my website was beyond what I could have imagined, Ffion knew what I wanted and took it to the next level. Thanks so much for the hard work you put into my website, I can tell you put your heart into your work! I would recommend Ffion to anyone looking to add a little extra WOW to your website/blog! Thank you thank you!

Nicole Ollerton | Photography

Jamie is the shit. She took my mediocre self-written copy for one of my programs and jizzed (I mean jazzed?) it up and it's SO much better!

It now actually tells people what I'll do for them, instead of the kind of vague crap I had written before. Hire this chick before she gets booked solid.

- Rebecca Tracey Head/Only Honcho The Uncaged Life

I hired Jamie to do a sales page for my biggest launch yet. I had written a draft that was "ok", but I knew that I needed it to be AMAZING to attract the quality and numbers that I needed to make this launch successful.

Jamie came to the rescue and delivered an amazing sales page that got so many ohs and ahhs from my ideal clients (and I've sold out half the program with 3 weeks left to go). It's been a great success and now I can't imagine launching again without Jamie on my team to make sure my sales page is BANGIN' (rather than bleh).

I can't recommend her enough!

- Anna Long-Stokes Intuitive Business Strategist Electric Empire

If you're thinking about hiring Jamie, my recommendation is HELL YES!

I had been struggling for FOUR YEARS with the copy on my coaching sales page. I could tell you WHO my ideal client was and what we worked on, but I could not for the life of me put it together into copy that sounded clear, concise and fun to read.

I love how quick Jamie turned it around and how easy she was to work with. If I wanted something changed, she was happy to make those revisions.

The best part was that it sounded like I had written it.

- Andrea Owen CPCC | Professional Life Coach | Your Kick Ass Life

That's why.

(not bad, eh?)

So grab your PJ's. Get your popcorn. Wrangle some mad libs and party games and let's get to it!

Sleep With Us and You'll Get…

and the grand finale….


24/7 access to our wild ideas and wittiness (and really cool accents - we're from New York and Germany! Hello?)

All of this goodness for only $2175

OR $2000 FLAT if you pay it all upfront!

UH… Are we missing anything?
Just the sleeping bags.
Climb in and zip up!

Here's how to get in on the action.

Currently booking November and December start dates.

Only 2 spots left in November, and 2 in December*! Grab 'em up while you can.

*Please note that purchase does not guarantee your start date, so email us if you have a specific deadline in mind. We can offer rush jobs for an additional fee.

Does this really only take 6 weeks?

Yep! Our production timeline is 6 weeks. That timeline begins right after our Skype Sesh though, not from purchase. That means: if you're booking a call with us in two weeks then your timeline will be 8 weeks from now, and so on. So, the quicker you hop to booking us, the faster you get your sales page D-O-N-E. Ahhh, I love that word, don't you?

Do you install the page for me? Or does it live on my URL? Or…

Installation of the page is not included in this price. To keep costs low for you, we decided to keep it simple. If you want this sales page to live on your current domain, that is entirely possible! Or you can also purchase a custom domain for your product or service if you prefer. We deliver the page ready for installation wherever you like and we can provide instructions to walk you through installing it on your own. Wherever the page ultimately lives does not affect the design process whatsoever! So you don't even have to decide right now before booking.

Can you set up the domain for me?

Unfortunately, no. You will have to handle purchasing a domain and setting up your hosting on your own. But we are happy to point you to providers we love if it's helpful!

I have custom logos and style sheets already. Can you match those?

Absolutely! We love to use what you've already got and create custom work based on that - it's our favorite! We simply ask that you provide all of the content you would like matched or included prior to our Skype Sesh so we can build the work around it.

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions